25 Destinations That Offer The Best Camping In Ontario

25 Destinations That Offer The Best Camping In Ontario

Make a memorable camping trip in Ontario, where unique ecosystems and untouched nature await adventure lovers. Various camping options are available in Ontario, depending on the type of camper you prefer, whether they are family-oriented drive-in camps or if one seeks privacy and solitude in the backcountry.

Ontario’s Top 25 Destinations for the Greatest Camping

Ontario has a well-developed provincial park system that displays its fabulous scenery. The online reservation system developed by Ontario Parks allows for easy selection and booking of campsites. Additionally, Parks Canada manages several national parks with overnight camping options. With Camping Ontario’s extensive list of over 400 campgrounds and Campground Reviews offering insights into each site, private campgrounds provide more options. Here are the 25 destinations that offer the best camping in Ontario:

1.Quetico Provincial Park

Quetico Provincial ParkThe backwoods of Quetico is a wilderness canoe spot where one can enjoy all the beauty of nature, as it has hundreds and thousands of lakes in an area-wide forest. Permits for backcountry camping are allotted on a lake-to-lake basis to ensure low-impact manners of staying.

2.Pinery Provincial Park

Pinery Provincial ParkPinery Provincial Park is a Southwestern Ontario gem bordered by Lake Huron and known for its variety of ecosystems, heavenly beaches, and serene ambiance. With over 1,00 campsites, the park is a haven for nature lovers and families looking to unwind. The Old Ausable Channel, famed for its biodiversity, and the long sandy beaches provide an opportunity to engage with nature in a relaxing environment.

3.Pukaskwa National Park

Pukaskwa National ParkGo to the seemingly lost-in-deep Canadian spruce and birch forests at Hattie Cove campground, which is full of secluded sites for tenting and RVs. The following alternatives can give a more challenging experience: the Coastal Hiking Trail or the Coastal Paddling Route.

4.Rainbow Falls Provincial Park

Rainbow Falls Provincial ParkRainbow Falls has two campgrounds which attract families and outdoor enthusiasts for different reasons; while one swims exceptionally well, the second offers superb hiking trails. Both the campgrounds of Whitesands and Rossport provide facilities to those with RVs, trailers, or tents.

5.Slate Islands Provincial Park

Slate Islands Provincial ParkSlate Islands Provincial Park beckons experienced sea kayakers with its allure of a remote and extraordinary archipelago. Nestled in Lake Superior, this park offers a distinctive backcountry camping experience amidst the rugged beauty of its islands. The recent addition of insect-proof shelters enhances the overall adventure, ensuring a comfortable retreat in the heart of nature. Paddle through the pristine waters, explore secluded coves, and bask in the tranquillity of this unique destination, providing a challenging yet rewarding escapade for those seeking an unparalleled sea kayaking and camping experience.

6.Neys Provincial Park

Neys Provincial ParkNeys is another park that one should bridge from the highway to enjoy Lake Superior’s beauty via its purple sand beach, hiking trails and many other opportunities of over 100 summer campsites. To enjoy a complete and holistic experience, sleep while listening to the sounds of waves.

7.Sleeping Giant Provincial Park

Sleeping Giant Provincial ParkWhether you are a front-country or backcountry camper, Sleeping Giant has everything, including games, showers, and outhouses. Finally, the captivating water views and over 200 drive-in sites at Marie Louise Lake and its scenic landscape for hiking offer an ideal option for those passionate about enjoying nature.

8.Rice Lake

Rice LakeEscape to the calmness of Rice Lake amidst the Kawartha area painted with serenity. This destination has crystal-clear waters and scenic sceneries; hence, it is the best place. Whether you are an angler or a boater, camping must be your thing. Many campgrounds are scattered along the shoreline, ensuring a perfect relaxing environment. Whether you like bass fishing or merely pleasuring in a small boat ride, Rice Lake provides an easy respite within the framework of Northumberland’s charm.

9.White Lake Provincial Park

White Lake Provincial ParkTucked south of Marathon, offers a forested campground with 187 sites, excellent walleye fishing, and a serene beach. An ideal choice for those seeking a full-service campground off the beaten path.

10.Silent Lake Provincial Park

Silent Lake Provincial ParkYear-round camping awaits at Silent Lake, north of Peterborough. In the summer, trails on rugged mountains invite for cycling, and in winter, yurts hospitably house you, whether with wood or electric heat.

11.Whispering Springs

Whispering SpringsThe comfort camping at Whispering Springs near Northumberland County makes it easy to enjoy Canadiana with some excellent facilities combined. This is a high-class camping experience as the historic canvas tents feature queen-sized beds, electricity and outdoor cooking areas amid nature.

12.Lake Superior Provincial Park

Lake Superior Provincial ParkDive into the contrasting experiences of Agawa Bay and Rabbit Blanket campgrounds. Agawa Bay boasts a surf-swept beach, while Rabbit Blanket is secluded within the deep green of the boreal forest.

13.Missinaibi Provincial Park

Missinaibi Provincial ParkSeek peace in the secluded Missinaibi, where a drive-to campground on Missinaibi Lake provides amenities to fishermen and boaters. Venture into the Missinaibi River for an iconic canoe route.

14.Gordon’s Park

Gordon's ParkExplore Gordon’s Park on Manitoulin Island with different camping options, exciting activities, and dark sky preserves for unmatched stargazing. Ideal for families who would like to spend an off-the-grid vacation.

15.Bon Echo Provincial Park

Bon Echo Provincial ParkThe Mazinaw Lake is the place for a camping experience with mixed elements of history and nature. Bon Echo Provincial Park should prove perfect. It is only famous for the Mazinaw Rock, which has Indigenous rock paintings. With campsites nestled along the waterfront and hiking trails offering panoramic views, Bon Echo offers the ideal fusion of cultural exploration and outdoor adventure.

16.Killarney Provincial Park

Killarney Provincial ParkThe George Lake campground at Killarney is a gateway to outdoor adventures in the La Cloche Mountains. From canoeing to backpacking, Killarney offers diverse activities amidst breathtaking landscapes.

17.Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park

Samuel de Champlain Provincial ParkImmerse yourself in history at Samuel de Champlain on the Mattawa River. It is a destination that combines culture and nature, consisting of over 200 drive-in campsites, hiking trails, and an interpretive centre.

18.Algonquin Provincial Park

Algonquin Provincial ParkWith plenty of outdoor activities, Algonquin Provincial Park is one of the jewels in Canadian camping. Algonquin is still the place to visit with its eight full-service campgrounds and possibilities for cycling, hiking, paddling, etc.

19.Arrowhead Provincial Park

Arrowhead Provincial ParkIn the middle of Ontario’s cottage country is Arrowhead, which provides a special version of camping in Muskoka. It serves outdoor enthusiasts throughout the year with three campgrounds, roofed accommodations and winter activities such as cross-skiing.

20.Grundy Lake Provincial Park

Grundy Lake Provincial ParkDiscover the wild Canadian Shield at Grundy Lake, which comprises nine camping sites with facilities for tent dwellers and trailers, including RVs. Adventure is added to camping options available from the main ground and is accessible for backcountry campers.

21.Killbear Provincial Park

Killbear Provincial ParkBehold Georgian Bay in Killbear; the seven campgrounds offer views of wondrous 30,00 islands. With beaches, cycling trails and winter camping – it caters to nature lovers throughout the year.

22.Black River Wilderness Park

Black River Wilderness ParkRelax in the quiet Black River Wilderness Park north of Barrie. Situated near the banks of the Black River, it provides unique cultural programming, tent sites, and RV camping.

23.Fathom Five National Marine Park

Fathom Five National Marine ParkDiscover the captivated Flowerpot Island, one of the six backcountry sites in the unique rock formations of Fathom Five National Marine Park. To enjoy and experience this special camping practice, a reservation is necessary.

24.Glen Rouge Campground

Glen Rouge CampgroundExperience the excitement of a camper’s paradise in the little Glen Rouge Campground atop Toronto in North America. It’s the ideal fusion of urban and natural environments, with various sites and distinctive oTENTik shelters.

25.Fitzroy Provincial Park

Fitzroy Provincial ParkA mere one hour’s drive from Ottawa, Fitzroy offers family-friendly camping along the shores of the Carp and Ottawa rivers. With 200 large campsites, swimming and paddling is a tranquil getaway near the city.

Which Ontario Parks is Best for Camping?

Ontario has some of Canada’s best provincial parks for camping enthusiasts. They include Algonquin, Killarney, and Killbear, each offering an impressive range of natural sceneries. The parks provide a soothing experience, from tranquil lakes and forests to warm sandy beaches and rough rocky ridges that offer campers a fantastic world of marvels packed with nature.

Is There Free Camping in Canada?

Given its vast size, Canada offers the potential for free campsites across various provinces. Notably, British Columbia stands out as a region where campers often share information about accessible free campsites. Cost-free camping is realistic throughout Canada because of its far-ranging landscape and natural features.


In Ontario, camping enthusiasts will find many fantastic nature and landscapes. With 25 beautiful spots, from the backwoods of Quetico Provincial Park to Rice Lake’s tranquillity and Bon Echo with its historical appeal, nature-buffs and families can find a place in Ontario. The network of provincial and national parks, private campgrounds, and user-friendly reservations makes the experience more comprehensive, from rustic retreats at sites like Whispering Springs to a hybrid of urban and natural camp settings found in Glen Rouge Campground. Ontario caters to every taste when it comes to campsites. Explore Ontario’s beautiful outdoors and start an unforgettable adventure with We the North RV’s Perfect rental options.

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