10 RV Road Trip Destinations Across Ontario

10 RV Road Trip Destinations Across Ontario

Starting the perfect spring road trip in Ontario is a thrilling experience, with many camping options to suit every RVer’s taste. Ontario has everything from the amenity-rich KOA campgrounds to the tranquil allure of boondocking spots and the opportunity to bask in the natural wonders of our stunning provincial parks.

Navigating the vast array of choices for your ultimate spring road trip might initially seem overwhelming, but worry not. We’ve undertaken a thorough curation process to present you with a list of the premier RV destinations across Ontario, ensuring your journey is seamless and unforgettable.

So, prepare to document these extraordinary destinations in your Notes app because they are bound to have your family eagerly inquiring, “Are we there yet?” Get ready for an exploration of Ontario’s diverse landscapes and camping havens that promise an unparalleled RV adventure.

Top 10 Places in Ontario to Explore with your RV

With our list of Ontario’s top 10 RV road trip destinations, embark on an exciting and educational journey through Northern Ontario!

1.Tobermory: A Lakeside Gem

Tobermory: A Lakeside GemDiscover the magnificence of Tobermory, perched on top of Bruce Peninsula with its world-renowned water clarity and scenery equal to Niagara Escarpment. Enjoy various activities, including kayaking, discovering Flowerpot Island, and dining on the delicious whitefish at Fish & Chip Place. This picturesque destination promises an experience beyond compare, where nature’s beauty seamlessly blends with the pleasures of adventure and exquisite dining. With countless activities like exploration, swimming, cave, and snorkelling, Tobermory offers a springtime RV adventure that is best for the whole family.

2.Ottawa: Canada’s Capital

Ottawa: Canada's CapitalPause your journey in Ottawa, the esteemed capital of Canada, where the iconic Parliament Hill awaits your exploration.Be led on tours and let yourself experience the Country’s political history, which may involve chatting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his entire household.

Immerse yourself in the awesomeness of dinosaurs at the Canadian Museum of Nature or fly through centuries via aviation exhibits displayed at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum. For people searching for an adrenaline-filled day, bikes are worth renting as they reveal the beautiful cyclist trails that snake through Ottawa or take advantage of all attractions at Saunders Farm. With its blend of political significance, cultural treasures, and recreational offerings, Ottawa guarantees a stopover filled with diverse experiences beyond the ordinary.

3.Prince Edward County: Beyond Wine and Cheese

Prince Edward County: Beyond Wine and CheesePrince Edward County is more than a wine and cheese destination; it’s an oasis for families. Ask one another to play mini-golf at Caddy Shack or watch a movie in the Mustang Drive-In. Unplug at The Mariners Park Museum, featuring an exciting playground and lighthouse. Get close to farm animals at Waupoos Winery and indulge in a day of treasure, shipwrecks, and pirate tales.

4.Niagara Falls: Nature’s Marvels Without Crossing Borders

Niagara Falls: Nature's Marvels Without Crossing BordersEnjoy Niagara Falls as if you haven’t left your comfort zone. Choose another exciting boat ride on the Maid of Mist or do aquatic activities at Great Wolf Lodge and Fallsview Indoor Waterpark. However, if you prefer a bird’s eye view, take a helicopter ride by Niagara Helicopters. Extend your visit into a weekend escapade by securing one of the Fun Passes, perfect for enthusiasts of haunted houses, wax museums, and other exciting attractions. Before leaving on your RV adventure, do not forget to visit the mesmerizing view from The Niagara SkyWheel and add a bit of dazzling grandeur.

5.Algonquin Provincial Park: Nature’s Playground

Algonquin Provincial Park: Nature's PlaygroundWhen visiting Algonquin Provincial Park, families will have the perfect camping spot to enjoy designated campsites and various activities. Visit the Visitor Centre, which offers interactive games and storytelling of wildlife experiences, or walk into its trails. Due to boating, biking, whitewater canoeing, and many other activities, Algonquin is a vast natural playground comprising 7.630 km2—more extensive than two Prince Edward Islands (in Canada).

6.Kakabeka Provincial Park: Waterfalls and Scenic Views

Kakabeka Provincial Park: Waterfalls and Scenic ViewsKakabeka Provincial Park features striking waterfalls spilling over a million-year-old rock face west of Thunder Bay. Camp is a place that is easy to access in the parking lot and experiences Niagara of North from where one can enjoy a family getaway.

7.Terrace Bay: Nature’s Beauty on Lake Superior

Terrace Bay: Nature's Beauty on Lake SuperiorEnjoy the stunning scenery of Terrace Bay on Lake Superior. Be amazed at the 100-foot waterfall and trek along Casques Isles trail for a fantastic 53 km hike. Take it easy on a gorgeous white sandy beach, play volleyball, and enjoy the transparent waters. Terrace Bay presents an adventure of nature for families with grown-up kids.

8.Greig’s Caves: Nature’s Sculptures in the Bruce Peninsula

Greig's Caves: Nature's Sculptures in the Bruce PeninsulaDelve into the fascinating world of Greig’s Caves in the Bruce Peninsula. Explore 10 unique limestone caves and hike through surrounding forests for panoramic views of Georgian Bay. Take a break from your furry friend, as dogs are prohibited in the caves. Wearing cozy hiking shoes is essential for this fascinating excursion.

9.Muskoka Lakes: A Haven for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Muskoka Lakes: A Haven for Outdoor EnthusiastsLocated near Toronto, Muskoka Lakes has something for everyone. Family activities are numerous and range from hiking trails to peaceful lakes and waterfalls. Explore High Falls Bay Campground and Waterpark for paddleboarding and kayaking, with a sandy beach – an ideal place to enjoy activities.

10.Arrowhead Provincial Park: Reconnect with Nature in Huntsville

Arrowhead Provincial Park: Reconnect with Nature in HuntsvilleArrowhead Provincial Park in Huntsville is where people escape city life and return to nature. It’s one of the most incredible spots to stop during your RV tour this year if you plan to do spring and summertime activities like hiking, canoeing, and kayaking.

What is the best RV route across Canada?

Canada’s most suitable RV route is the renowned Trans-Canada Highway (Hwy). This stunning route is perfect for crossing the Country, combining breathtaking views with lesser-known treasures.

From beginning in the east, Trans-Canada Hwy takes you through numerous provinces of Atlantic Canada, including Quebec and Ontario. Moving westwards will see you pass through Manitoba’s plains and the vast scenery of Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan also leaves travellers in awe with its comforting plains and rolling hills that almost present you with an idyllic setting for your expedition.

One of the features that set the Trans-Canada highway in Saskatchewan apart is it provides easy side trips. Take a detour from the significant freeway to find hidden gems, picturesque towns, and natural wonders that might not be discussed much but enhance your road trip.

Further, Saskatchewan has several rest areas where drivers can stop for the night to camp or park overnight. Whether you want to enjoy the campsite’s tranquillity or seek new friendships in RV parks, whichever best suits your needs is guaranteed by this province.

Can You Park an RV anywhere in Canada?

In Canada, the regulations regarding where you can park an RV overnight vary by province and municipality. While there are specific rules, parking an RV anywhere overnight is generally not permissible. Most provinces and territories require RV owners to use designated campgrounds or RV parks for overnight stays.

Parking an RV overnight in rest stops, shopping malls, or other public areas is often strictly prohibited. Many municipalities have bylaws to regulate where recreational vehicles can park, and unauthorized overnight parking may result in fines or towing.

Where in Ontario Can You Camp for Free?

Where in Ontario Can You Camp for Free?While camping for free in Ontario is limited, there are some dispersed camping options where you can experience the beauty of nature without a fee. Here are a few free campsites in Ontario:

Wawa, ON, Canada – Scenic High Falls RV Parking Lot:

Located in Wawa, the Scenic High Falls RV Parking Lot offers a picturesque setting. While it mainly functions as an RV parking lot, dispersed camping is allowed in the area. Make a camp overnight and savour the views of nature.

Killarney, ON, Canada – Wanapitei River Dispersed Camping:

The Wanapitei River Area of Killarney provides for dispersed camping. Enjoy the serene beauty of Wanapitei River and its natural environment. Do not forget about Leave No Trace principles to protect nature.

Griffith, ON, Canada – Brougham Lake Dispersed Camping:

Brougham Lake offers dispersed camping opportunities near Griffith. This spot allows you to camp freely amidst nature. Ensure you comply with the rules or laws governing how to preserve ecological balance in this area.

What’s The Cost of Parking an RV in Canada

The price of RV parking in Canada depends on the place, facilities offered by the campground, and its type. The average cost of campgrounds with full RV hook-ups in Canada is about $40 to $50 per night. Camping fees can be saved with research about free camping sites or dispersed areas to explore. Despite the lack of facilities in more elaborate campgrounds, these sites allow for a cheaper means to enjoy natural scenery.

Where Can I Park My RV in the Ontario During the Winter?

Winter RVing enthusiasts in Ontario can find a unique haven at MacGregor Point Provincial Park. This exceptional winter RV program ensures a warm and cozy experience for RVers on electrical sites, providing a secure vehicle space during the snowy season. MacGregor Point takes a few steps further by offering fully functioning comfort stations, plowed roads, and campsites, providing an ideal refuge during the winter season. MacGregor Point Provincial Park offers a unique way to enjoy everything that the cold season has to offer in your RV while still having all the amenities that make this season possible, catering to seasoned winter campers and those looking to try it for the first time.

What Are RV Rules in Canada?

In Canada, when RV-ing, there is a need to abide by specific rules for the journey to be lawful and accessible. Here are key considerations:

Proof of Citizenship and Passport:

When entering Canada, have valid proof that you are Canadian, like the passport.

Vehicle Documents:

Have all necessary documents for your RV, including registration and ownership papers. Ensure that your RV meets Canadian safety standards.

Driver’s License:

Carry a valid driver’s license. International Driving Permits are optional for short visits but are recommended, especially if your license needs to be in English or French.


Verify that your current insurance policy covers your RV in Canada. Contact your insurance company/provider to confirm coverage for the duration of your stay.

Vehicle Safety Standards:

Ensure your RV complies with Canadian safety standards. Pay attention to lighting, emissions, and other safety features.

Prohibited Items:

Be aware of prohibited items when crossing the border. Firearms, certain fruits, and vegetables may have restrictions.

Alcohol and Tobacco:

Familiarize yourself with the limits on alcohol and tobacco you can bring into Canada duty-free.

Road Signs and Units:

Get acquainted with Canadian road signs and use metric units for speed and distance.


Embarking on an RV adventure across Ontario unveils a tapestry of natural wonders and cultural gems. From the serene lakes of Muskoka to the captivating caves of Bruce Peninsula, Ontario offers a diverse playground for RVers. Immerse yourself in the charm of Tobermory, explore Canada’s capital in Ottawa, and venture into the heart of nature at Algonquin Provincial Park. With various camping options, including KOA campgrounds, boondocking havens, and provincial parks, your RV journey becomes a seamless blend of comfort and exploration. So, open your phones, plan your Northern Ontario RV road trip with We The North RV, and let the landscapes and experiences redefine your travel narrative. The only question remains, “Are we there yet?”

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